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MICRO POOCH™ is a small London based company. It began with a furry friendship and the spirit to create. Caring about how we do things here makes us better at what we do. Our focus is to make just a few bags, really well! 


Our pet carriers have been designed by a small dog owner, for other small dogs owners, so we really know what's needed. All of our designs have been carefully thought out to consider every need and detail from the perspective of both you and your dog. These include comfort, safety, multiple functionalities (their treats, your ipad) and sleek classic designs that won't compromise your style.

Safe in the City

Here are some reasons for using a Dog Carrier in the city...


1. To keep your doggy safe on busy crowded city streets, or when travelling on public transport, where a small dog may be at risk of being stepped on if not seen by others.

2. In bad weather conditions. In heavy rain / snow, or when the temperature falls below 5°C, you may find that a small dog will want to be carried and kept warm inside a bag.

3. When calling by a shop / store. It's better to sneak a small dog in with you than to leave them alone outside. Our bags are designed to close fully and have mesh side panels so that your doggie can see out, but no one can see in.


Please do not keep your dog in a bag for unnecessarily long periods of time. Remember that doggies have leggies for a reason. Walking! ;-)


All dog breeds need plenty of exercise. 

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